Lloyd Banks - Mighty Healthy

Mighty Healthy

Mighty Healthy lyrics

You know who the fuck it is
At Your Request

Masked up on my last case
Figured no face, no karma
Throwin’ salt at me
Prefer my shade by Dolce Gabbana
Rideable, bet the [?] and kinda rotation out of Stamford
Nothin’ fall for anything
Prada replace the dollar
Havin’ 70s gettin’ bent out of shape and I’m a tip-top
Want this shit? Gotta fight to get on like Love & Hip Hop
Mary Jane’ll tie me up, fell in love with the Ziploc
I done seen your true colors for green niggas to flip-flop
Hope you take your best shot followed by something tragic
Have to show you Cs and I’ll spit in your face like a battle rapper
Shit, I only hit the weed slow, came up a rabbit clapper
Prayed on the [?] and he gave it to me, tabernacle
Never really like [?], hate you, know to my next feed
Baguette sleeve
A loyal my begger’s is my pet peeve
Time for me to jet, heavy time on the jet skis
The dopest supplier, you trippin’ to let the connect leave
Audacity dissin’ veterans puttin’ up tank and numbers
Ain’t no deuce deuce in yo’ boot, them fuckin’ ankle huggers
When we hug these mics we get busy
I’m thinkin’ “Who is he?”
A stupid motherfucker [?] smooth and dumping free work all over to feed the customers
Settin’ the soundtrack for the realer type of greatest hustlers
Haters to fuel up the fire, doubters to act astounded
Smoke for the watches, gorilla glue with the wax around it
Dollars to rev up the ops and ammo to back them down with
Double bottoms for ass kickin’, the black and brown shits
Certifications debatable, take a [?] stay quiet
Your fan base ain’t gone save you, you hit the floor stage divin’
Fire trail from me flying, you takin’ off [?] pilot
You makin’ moves? Stay silent
You crossed the crew’s gray [?]
Don’t box me into your categories I’m alien
Them records, I hear nothin’ but fear in ’em
Break a chair on ’em
I see a nigga dye one more color I disappear again
Y’all breedin’ bitches
My [?] is [?]
I give it everything I had, another high speed choice
Thinkin’ “what more do you want from me?” in Tyrese voice
All we do is make a it stack the homicide green boys
Unnecessary altercations keep the concrete moist
I hate makin’ shit, this was [?] though
Limited edition lab coat
Louis Supreme collabo’

For every blow, depends on breath control
So it’s the first thing you must learn
Fortunately it’s easy
You’ll soon learn

Mighty Healthy
Mighty Healthy lyrics
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Lloyd Banks Christopher Charles Lloyd, better known by his stage name Lloyd Banks, is an American hip hop recording artist and member of East Coast hip hop group G-Unit, alongside childhood friends and fellow American rappers, 50 Cent and Tony Yayo