Up In My Cocina

Up In My Cocina


Ice everything, I need a figure skater
Eating five star meals, tipping waiters
We just skip commercial flights, that’s no delaying
I had too many guests, my neighbours start complaining

Sun beaming, my chains jingling, I’m chinky
Bitch so pink, broke hoes freak me
B-Y-O-B came back, washed in my dreams
Missed it if you blink, smell the purp, she wink
Bad bitches R.S.V.P
I gotta switch the swag four times a week (four times)
Mamma mia, I didn’t even see her
New six-seater, would not wanna be ya
When I land in the sand, where’s my greater?
Nothin’ but divas, up in my cold seater
Grab up hands, switch up hands, don’t just linger
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, not a singer
Eating clams, rolling grams, the con man has other plans
Hella pack {?}
Hella pack [?] I’m so done with first class
With a bag and a baddie like Selena
Mamma mia, cash flipping, tortilla
Through the path, to the stash where I post
I go via Sprinter or limousine-a
Get the clout, tuck my shirt, then I leave ya
So much dough, we hopped in the pizzeria
It’s all good cause I’m smoking Aloe Vera
Next Top Model give me brain like neutrogena
Don’t just tear up, won’t scream [?]
New [?] and that big line greener
Through a smoke screen, they don’t even see us
Kick my feet up, if they bust down, hoe, just sleaze up
When we got up out that slump, the grass was greener
Girls cheerleading, when they score, they try to cheat us
Wife-beaters and I’m sippin’ Titos
Can’t you tell? That shit was my [?]

Up In My Cocina
Rae Sremmurd - Up In My Cocina
Up In My Cocina lyrics song released by Rae Sremmurd. Listen the song Up In My Cocina while you read the lyrics.Also you can find all Rae Sremmurd lyrics and albums only in USA Lyrics. Rap
Rae Sremmurd

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