MLK Young Thug


MLK lyrics

Yeah, yeah, ayy, woah
Oh, no, no, uh, yeah

I was havin’ a dream
I was whippin’ a Rolls Royce
And I bought everything that I want
Turned to Martin Luther King overnight
Martin Luther King overnight, ayy
I was dead broke, hustlin’ off the steps
Now I rock water like I’m Michael Phelps, yeah
Black diamonds, Black History Month
Turned to Martin Luther King overnight

I was just rollin’ the dice, uh
I was just tryna get by, I gambled my life, uh
I fucked around, had a kid and he had to stay fly, whew
I ain’t give no fuck, I got fresh from the shit on the side
I pray to God I die in my sleep
I pray my deaf brother don’t run into the police
‘Cause you tellin’ him to put his hands up, he can’t hear
Ain’t goin’ for deceased
These rookie police need to get trained, even in their sleep
Fuck around, make a nigga put it to your head lice, don’t it?
Come here, gon’ tell you how to get that cheese, macaroni
Spent all my tour money on the ring
Told ’em, “Go ‘head, get everything they fuckin’ see,” yeah
I grew my shit like I’m Mad Dog
I got a white and a black dog

MLK lyrics
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